Yoga Saved My Life: Life Lessons to Take Beyond Mat

If you’ve ever wondered why you feel so much better after a yoga class, then Yoga Saved My Life will enlighten you. This is Sasha’s take on how and why yoga can be so transformative, seen through the lens of psychotherapy.

Whilst working as both psychotherapist and yoga teacher, Sasha noticed how similar these two seemingly different approaches were. Both address the many complexities and pitfalls we all struggle with today – divisiveness, conflict, stress, depression, anger, addiction loneliness, self-loathing and more.

It’s brought to life by the true, first-hand stories of those who do indeed claim that yoga saved their lives from just these issues. These moving personal testimonies come from members of the Fierce Calm community. In reflecting on them, and on her own 30 year yogic journey, Sasha illuminates what it is that takes yoga way beyond physical exercise. Through down to earth language and a warm conversational tone, you will come to see how yoga is doing what psychotherapy does: providing a containing, reflective space in which you can access your unconscious, develop self-awareness, learn self-regulation and find ways to relate to yourself better. This new relationship with yourself offers ways to work with the automatic habits you do without thinking, but which hold you back, practically and emotionally.

What people are saying about Yoga Saved My Life:

“During this very ugly moment in global history, we all need as much support as possible. Thankfully, Sasha Bates has gifted us with a magnificent jewel, exploring the physical and psychological benefits of yoga and so much more besides. This extremely readable and engaging book offers essential life-saving wisdom and calm.”

Professor Brett Kahr, Senior Fellow, Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology, London, and Visiting Professor of Psychoanalysis and Mental Health, Regent’s University London

“Such a wonderfully enjoyable – and practical – book. A lovely guided voice making sense in a crowded space.”

Liz Earle MB

Yoga Saved My Life shows us gently and persuasively that healing the mind is as important as healing the body, and yoga is a great way of doing this.”

Vex King, author of Good Vibes, Good Life and Healing is the New High

“Sasha demystifies yoga and gives a refreshing antidote to the off-putting public face that yoga sometimes presents. Sasha shows that there is a type of yoga for everybody and that it is not about ‘doing’, but about ‘being’ yoga. As an adaptive yoga teacher, working with different bodies who can’t always make a recognised ‘shape’ , I know how important it is to get to the essence of a pose. Sasha similarly shows us here that it is not about how yoga looks, but about how it feels.”

Karen Russell, senior yoga teacher, and adaptive and sports yoga teacher

“Sasha takes everyday issues of modern life – stress, anxiety, depression, insecurity, overwhelm – and clearly unpacks them psychotherapeutically while revealing how the practice of yoga can help us grow in tolerance, agency, purpose, and compassion.”

Sandra Gillespie, Somatic Therapist, London, UK