Covid and its lockdowns have made us acutely aware of loss. We’ve lost the practical – our homes, jobs, financial security – and we’ve lost the more existential – a sense of self and a belief in a just world. Two books by psychotherapist Sasha Bates offer support to help you understand the complex and overwhelming emotions that result from loss of any kind, whether that be from the death of a loved one, a relationship break-up, or from having your trust in certainty and hope overturned. Both Sasha’s books, in very different ways, explore the dark and difficult feelings evoked by grief, while offering practical suggestions in how to navigate its long and ongoing journey.

Languages of Loss

Languages of Loss

Languages of Loss is a vivid and raw memoir of Sasha’s grief resulting from the unexpected death of her husband. This visceral, in-the-moment depiction of her experience sits alongside a more measured exploration of how useful psychotherapy can be at such times, examining a multitude of approaches that might be helpful to those grieving.

This ‘conversation’ between Sasha’s anguished grieving self and her calmer therapist self tells the story of how her life as a psychotherapist screeched to a shuddering halt when her husband and best friend, Bill Cashmore, died suddenly. It is her attempt to understand what happened to her in the aftermath as she learned to manage her feelings, while wondering whether all she had learned from her studies and work as a psychotherapist could help her through the unimaginable and overwhelming pain of her grief.

Languages of Loss

A Grief Companion

A Grief Companion is a practical guidebook to help you – and the friends trying to support you – through the awful, confusing months of loss, when the pain can threaten to engulf you. It reads like a helpful, hopeful manual, with suggestions for each day, tailored to work with the ever-changing flavours and shapes of your grief.

Languages of Loss and Grief Companion are both published by Yellow Kite. Languages of Loss and is out now in hardback, paperback, e-book and audiobook. It can be bought from all major bookstores, online at Hive (a wonderful website which supports local bookstores and pays taxes!) or from Waterstones, Amazon and other online sellers (some of whom also pay tax). All royalties from Languages of Loss will go towards funding The Bill Cashmore Award. The paperback and e-book of A Grief Companion will be found in the same places from June 10th and can be pre-ordered now.

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