Languages of Loss

Yoga Saved My Life

Yoga Saved My Life explores how yoga can be so transformative, seen through the prism of its parallels with psychotherapy. It’s brought to life by first-hand stories of those who do indeed claim that yoga saved their lives – from addictions, anxiety, depression, abuse, stress, anger, and many of the other myriad ways in which we all struggle with the modern world, and which often lead us to therapy. Sasha explores these heartfelt stories and examines her own 30-year yogic journey. Doing so she illuminates why and how yoga effectuates such deep, long-lasting emotional and behavioural change, while also offering insight into the different therapeutic principles and methods she uses in her consulting room.

Languages of Loss

Languages of Loss

Languages of Loss is a vivid and raw memoir of Sasha’s grief resulting from the unexpected death of her husband. This visceral, in-the-moment depiction of her experience sits alongside a more measured exploration of how useful psychotherapy can be at such times, examining a multitude of approaches that might be helpful to those grieving.

This ‘conversation’ between Sasha’s anguished grieving self and her calmer therapist self tells the story of how her life as a psychotherapist screeched to a shuddering halt when her husband and best friend, Bill Cashmore, died suddenly. It is her attempt to understand what happened to her in the aftermath as she learned to manage her feelings, while wondering whether all she had learned from her studies and work as a psychotherapist could help her through the unimaginable and overwhelming pain of her grief.

Languages of Loss

A Grief Companion

A Grief Companion is a practical guidebook to help you – and the friends trying to support you – through the awful, confusing months of loss, when the pain can threaten to engulf you. It reads like a helpful, hopeful manual, with suggestions for each day, tailored to work with the ever-changing flavours and shapes of your grief.

All 3 books are published by Yellow Kite and are available in major bookstores, online at Hive, Waterstones and Amazon and on e-readers. Languages of Loss and Yoga Saved My Life are also available as audiobooks.

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