Sasha teamed up with actor, writer, comedian and rapper Ben Bailey Smith to host Shrink the Box, putting their favourite fictional tv characters on the couch. Available wherever you get your podcasts.

Ever wondered why Tony Soprano’s therapist stuck with him? Why Fleabag is obsessed with sex or why Walter White is always in his underpants?
‘Shrink the Box’ is where actor comedian Ben Bailey Smith and psychotherapist Sasha Bates put their favourite fictional characters such as Shiv from Succession, Omar from the Wire and Ross from Friends on the couch to analyse why their behaviour causes them so much drama. Sasha and Ben explore why these characters make certain decisions, what would happen if they made different ones and what we can learn from their mistakes. The perfect combination of psychology, self-help and the best TV since the birth of the box-set.

Ben and I recorded 28 episodes, won Podbible’s podcast of the year, made it into the top 5 of both the Amazon and the Apple charts, and were twice mentioned in the The Guardian’s The Guide. Please do listen, wherever you get your podcasts.

But sadly, I will not be making a second series. Unfortunately, the production company and I could not agree either on the editorial content of a second series, nor on what constitutes a respectful working relationship. So, it is with a very heavy heart that I have chosen to walk away from my ‘baby’. I am proud of the fact that I had an idea, I got it made, and listeners liked it. I am less proud of the fact that I had previously signed over the rights to my idea to that production company. I understand that they are currently searching for my replacement, so it may be returning without me involved.