31st March, 2024 3.30pm – 5.30pm. Yoga for Emotional Balance Workshop
Luna Wave, Madeira Terrace, Brighton
In person

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Ever wondered just why you feel so much better after a yoga class? This workshop with psychotherapist and yoga teacher, Sasha Bates, will explore just what it is we are doing in mind and body when we practice.

A short talk about the therapeutic impact of yoga will precede a gentle asana and pranayama class, suitable for all. The mindful, contemplative practice has been designed to help you maximise the benefits of your time on the mat to improve your emotional alongside your physical health. It includes simple but effective examples of how yoga can work as a tool for effectuating deep and lasting inner change. The class closes with meditation, shared reflection and questions.

Sometimes we can get carried away with the notion that yoga is about the external trappings – what you wear, what your physical body is doing. This workshop is about exploring your internal relationship with yourself, leading to greater clarity about your ingrained habits; improving your tolerance and self-regulation; and opening you to more self-compassion and self-awareness, which can in turn improve your relationship with others. Book here.