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The Bill Cashmore Award 2020

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Bill Cashmore page posts | 0 comments

The search has begun for this year’s recipient:

In December 2019, forty-five applicants arrived on our desks, and were whittled down to twenty. These lucky twenty were given the opportunity, in February 2020, to perform a nine-minute Scratch piece revealing their idea, in front of a paying audience, at this year’s Evolution Festival. We are currently in the exciting process of choosing a shortlist of five who will be offered a week-long residency at the Lyric. This week will give them the chance to develop their ideas further, under the guidance of Lyric staff members, and with workshops from others currently working in the industry as actors, directors and writers.

At the end of this amazing week, they will get the chance to yet again perform their work in front of an audience, at “The Bill Cashmore Showcase” on March 13th, 2020.

The audience will comprise some of the biggest players in the theatre industry – agents, producers, casting directors, artistic directors of other theatres, and more. This will ensure that not only our ultimate Award winner benefits, but that all the shortlisted artists will in fact be winners in having had this platform to try out their work and their ideas in front of people who may be able to help further their careers in other ways.

One winning performance will be granted the Bill Cashmore Award 2020. This will mean a year’s worth of support and advice to help develop their idea into an hour-long play which will headline the Lyric’s Evolution Festival 2021. But we can only do that with your help. So please donate.

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